Sugoi - FAQ

Q. What can I upload?
A. The sky (100MB) is the limit!

Q. What do I do if there's illegal content found?
A. Send an email to abuse(at) with the link or contact me on twitter.

Q. What about copyrighted content?
A. Same as above, except I'll need proof that it's yours, I'll remove it.

Q. Do things that aren't illegal or copyrighted get deleted?
A. Nope, I don't look at the files or touch them in any way. Except exes and malware. Clam deletes those.

Q. What sort of bandwidth do you have?
A. (Supposedly) 1gbps up and down. Take that with a pinch of salt.

Q. Are the files backed up?
A. Every two hours. Entire systems ( domain) are backed up weekly.

Q. Do you do other services?
A. Is there anything else you'd like to see? DM me on twitter.

Q. How long will Sugoi be around for?
A. For as long as possible, I can easily afford to look after it.

Q. Can I donate to assist in the costs of running and maintaining the server(s)?
A. No, well... if you must, there's a BTC wallet address on the main page.